Doctoral Exams Oral Defence Booking Request

The Final Oral Defence can be booked after the Doctoral Candidate’s dissertation has been transmitted to the External Examiner and an email from G+PS confirming that transmission has been received by the Candidate, Supervisor and Graduate Program office. Please wait until you have reached this stage in the examination process before submitting an oral defence booking request.

Candidates and Supervisors must ensure they are familiar with the information about scheduling the Final Oral Defence posted on our website prior to submitting a booking request.


Proposed Examining Committee Members

The willingness and availability of all examiners required for quorum must be confirmed by the research supervisor before the final oral defence can be booked.

Names of supervisory committee members serving on examining committee (including the research supervisor(s), minimum of 2, maximum of 3):

Names of proposed university examiners:

External Examiner Attendance

Inviting the external examiner to attend the final oral defence is at the discretion of the research supervisor. For information about extending such an invitation please see Inviting the External Examiner.

The external examiner will:

Proposed Date and Time for the Oral Defence

All proposed oral defence booking requests must be finalized a minimum of 4 weeks in advance. If the proposed oral defence dates are less than 4 weeks from today, please contact the Doctoral Examinations team to discuss.

NOTE: Oral defences usually start at 9:00am, 12:30pm and 4:00pm Monday through Friday

Friday, December 15 will be the last day for oral defences in 2017. Oral defences will resume on Monday, January 15, 2018

The proposed examining committee members listed above have all confirmed their availability for the following dates and times (listed in order of preference):


Proposed Oral Defence Location

Option 1: We would like to hold the oral defence in the Graduate Student Centre (6371 Crescent Road) and would prefer (subject to availability):

Option 2: We would like to hold the oral defence at another location and have arranged for the following:

The research supervisor and/or graduate program agrees to take responsibility for the tasks outlined in the Off-Site Graduate Program Responsibilities summary. (Required for oral defences not being held at the Graduate Student Centre)

Normally, only those individuals physically present in the examination room can be counted for quorum. If an examination committee member is planning to attend the oral defence remotely please see Remote Attendance.

The following examining committee member is planning to participate in the oral defence remotely: