Engaging MET Alumni

About This Survey

MET is exploring how to develop its alumni network. The MET admin team has hired us, Haneefa Corbie and Meril Rasmussen, two current MET students, to design and implement an MET alumni development strategy. Unlike typical alumni drives, this has nothing to do with fundraising. Rather, we see potential for an online network that could enhance and strengthen the current program by leveraging the connections and collective knowledge of our decade's worth of program graduates. As part of our commitment to privacy, this initiative is opt-in meaning that you must choose to sign on and take part. The information you share will be used by our MET admin and student leader team to better understand and to better serve our growing MET community. This survey is your opportunity to engage with us at the outset, and to provide us with direction, ideas, and feedback about how we might be able to add value to your professional life. You are welcome to contact us at met.community@ubc.ca . Thank you in advance for responding to this survey. - Meril and Haneefa

About You

As temporary student staff, we actually don't have access to your names and emails, only limited access to the anonymous alumni group list, so if you would like to engage with our community-building efforts, identifying yourself is an essential first step. Alternately, an anonymous response will help us to understand your reasons for choosing to not engage at this stage. We appreciate all of your honest and constructive feedback.

About Your MET Experience

6. Reflecting back, how useful was your MET degree?

Not UsefulVery Useful

7. Which aspects of your MET degree were most important to you?

Not important at allSomewhat importantQuite importantExtremely important

8. How many peers from your MET degree do you remain in contact with?

10. Would you recommend MET to someone seeking a professional degree in education today?

Would not recommendSomewhat recommendProbably recommendHighly recommend

If not, why not?

How to Add Value to Your Professional Life

11. Which of the following might you find useful in relation to the MET alumni community? (Check all that apply.)

Not useful at allSomewhat usefulQuite usefulExtremely useful

i) Other ideas or suggestions

12. MET has several minimally-active social networks. Which of these have you participated in?

Never participatedRarely participatedSometimes participatedFrequently participated


13. Which types of social media do you regularly use?

Never useRarely useSometimes useRegularly use


If you are a Twitter user, what is your handle? (So we can follow you!)

14. Do you have a preferred social networking platform for accessing the MET community?