UBC Faculty Pension Plan - New Website Survey

Thank you for participating in our new website survey. Your feedback is important to help us evaluate and make future improvements to the UBC Faculty Pension Plan website.

The information collected in this survey will be kept confidential and anonymous. The survey results will not be personally identifiable in any way and will be statistically aggregated. The results will not be shared outside of the UBC Pension Administration Office and UBC Faculty Pension Plan Board.

Thank you for your participation.


FPP Disclaimer


1. What is your general impression of our new website? (Please select one)

2. How visually appealing is our website? (Please select one)

3. How easy is it to navigate our website and find what you are looking for? (Please select one)

4. What brings you to our website today? (Please select your main reason)

5. How likely are you to return to or recommend our website? (Please select one)

6. What is your relationship with the UBC Faculty Pension Plan? (Please select one)

7. Please indicate your age range. (Please select one)