Mentee Application

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Welcome to the 2017 UBC Kinesiology Mentorship Program.  This is a unique opportunity for Kinesiology students to connect with industry professionals for professional advice, networking and career guidance.

Please note that the mentee application form include a combination of short and long answer questions and does not provide you with an opportunity to save your responses as you go along. 

With this, we recommend the following tips:


  • Download this PDF documentwith all of the application questions

  • Set aside time to read through the application form and collect your thoughts

  • Use the PDF document as a guide to prepare your responses to the short and long answer questions

  • Pay particulate attention to the questions and give yourself enough time to think about each question and what you hope to accomplish with the program

  • The more detail you provide, the easier it will be match you with a mentor that can help you accomplish your goals.

  • Check your word count and use spell check!

  • When you're ready, copy and paste your responses into the application form

Section 1: General Information


What gender do you identify as?

Please note that this information is used solely for the purposes of matching mentees with mentors.