Digital Emergency Medicine
Volunteer and Student Research Application

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Digital Emergency Medicine (DigEM) conducts research, community engagement, educational and policy informing initiatives to explore how modern information and communication technologies (e.g. mobile and web-based applications) can help connect people to better health.

Background Information

DigEM operates a number of grant-funded programs. Broadly, areas of work and potential skill development include program implementation (things like planning timelines, project milestones/deliverables, logistics, budgets, and managing other resources), program evaluation (application of evaluation theory and models, quantitative and qualitative research design, data collection and analysis, etc.), and administration (sourcing funding applications and partnerships, coordinating and writing grants, HR management, academic and business models).

If you are looking for specific content experience, the content focus of our work changes as we complete programs and receive new funding. Examples of content areas of focus at the DigEM are technology-use for self-management of health (smart phone apps, wireless home-monitoring devices, discussion forums, etc.), digital health literacy and general health education (curriculum design, meaningful use of information on the internet), quality improvement in clinical settings, self-determination of health resources by cultural groups, and more!

General Instructions

  • Please ensure that you complete all sections of the application form.
  • All applicants must have a social insurance number or have applied for one.
  • For a student placement/experience, preference is given to students enrolled at UBC, and there may be types of experiences for which only UBC students are eligible. Others will also be considered where applicable.
  • Prior to engagement, you will be asked to produce a current criminal record check.
Additional information about Digital Emergency Medicine and its initiatives can be found here on our website