#Back2School Survey 2017

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Welcome to the #Back2School Survey

This survey is intended to help SUS establish a clear direction for this year’s events and lobbying. Please take the time to complete this survey honestly; it is meant to make Faculty stakeholders aware of areas where they are doing well in supporting students and where improvements can be made. Any questions regarding this survey should be directed to the SUS President and VP Academic, Antony Tsui and Jennifer Cheng by email at president@sus.ubc.ca and vpacademic@sus.ubc.ca. Thank you for taking the time to help improve the Faculty of Science and SUS. Once you complete your survey, you can drop by the Abdul Ladha Science Student Centre to pick up your FREE Science Clipboard while quantities last. Please check our Facebook Event for times of pick-up. 

What year-level are you entering?

Did you transfer into UBC Science from another faculty/school or college/university?

Do you live on campus?

If no, how do you get to school?

How long is your commute?