Tiny House Survey

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Survey Description

This survey is part of a greater body of research that seeks to measure the awareness and current demand for Tiny Houses in the City of Vancouver and its neighbouring regions. We are also capturing data across BC and Canada, generally.

The results will help to inform the BC Tiny House Collective as they work with city planners and policy makers to explore opportunities for incorporating Tiny Houses, as a new housing stock, into neighbourhoods across the Metro Vancouver region.

The BC Tiny House Collective defines a Tiny House as:
  • less than 500 square feet
  • fully functional single housing unit that includes all of the basic amenities of a permanent home
  • detached or semi-attached (as part of a housing complex)
  • mobile (on wheels or a temporary foundation)
  • customizable, tailored to individual taste and budget
  • designed and built on the principles of affordability, community and ecological sustainability

It will take approximately 10 minutes to complete this survey. We thank you for your time and we and appreciate you sharing it with your wider networks.

1. Have you heard about Tiny Houses before taking this survey?

2. How/where have you heard about Tiny Houses before?