2017 UBC Emeriti Survey

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Dear Emeriti,

Every four years, we do an in-depth questionnaire to make sure we are serving you well. This time, we have several sections – feel free to only do as many as you feel like!

You may do the survey electronically or by paper. If you wish to have a paper copy, please call the UBC APE office (604-822-1752, or admin@emeriti.ubc.ca), and a paper copy will be mailed to you.


Section 1 asks for Identifying Data (include your name or not – as you wish).
   - 3 minutes -

Section 2 asks for how we can enhance UBC APE to meet your needs.
   - 5 minutes -

Section 3 questions come from Human Resources who want to improve the retirement process – they would love your input.
  - 5-7 minutes -