UBC Farm Campus Wide Student Survey

As a group of students engaged at the UBC Farm, we would like to improve the connection between the student body and the Farm, which is a hub for teaching and learning, as well as a production farm and research centre. The Farm’s revitalization in the 2000s was whole-heartedly student-led. Now, the connection between the student body and the Farm is primarily through the academic sphere. We’ve made it our mission to bridge the gap between undergraduate students and the Farm. We wanted to reach out to all undergraduate faculties to gauge interest in creating a student-led engagement program and to collect the opinions of the students we are trying to cater to in order to shape this partnership. To do so, we’ve created a short survey.
*Once completed you will be entered to win entry into a workshop of your choosing at the Farm (up to $40 value)

What faculty are you in?

Sustainability initiatives such as volunteering, clubs, collectives, gardens, student-run cafes

Have you been to the UBC Farm? If so, for what?

If you would like to learn more about the opportunities at the Farm, check out the Student Resources page

Would you be interested in joining a student-run UBC Farm initiative? If so, in what form? (Select all that apply)

This information will not be shared, it will simply be used to contact you if you win the draw (a free workshop of your choosing at the UBC Farm)