SoTL Seed Application


Note: in order to spread support and diversify, this call is intended for faculty who have not received SoTL Seed support in the past, or whose SoTL Seed projects concluded over 12 months ago. If your project ended recently, please contact us directly for possible extension of support.

Principal Applicant:

Please provide a short summary of your suggested SoTL project. (100 words or fewer)

Is this project related to an existing or previous TLEF project? If so, which? (100 words or fewer)


What are the course number(s), topics, number of students, and format? (100 words or fewer)

The SoTL Seed program is designed to focus on course-based teaching and learning. Priority is given to projects that seek to evaluate specific pedagogies or practices embedded within courses. (100 words or fewer)

(100 words or fewer)

Please synthesize relevant literature, pointing out references. (100 words or fewer)

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This will be further developed as part of the SoTL Seed project. (100 words or fewer)

What elements of your project do you need assistance with?

This information will help us understand the requirements of your project and make sure that the available expertise match your needs. If you require support that is not part of the Seed program, please contact us.

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