Sociology 2017 Winter Graduate Teaching Assistant Application

This application form is for students interested in applying for a Teaching Assistant position in the Department of Sociology. First round of successful applicants will be contacted by the department by August 1st and the second round by August 21st. Applicants selected to be on the waitlist will be notified by Sept 1st. Please do not call to inquire about your status.

Availability requirements

As part of your duties, you are expected to be available from the first day of classes until the end of the final examination period, with the possibility of marking duties extending past the final exam period. You should make your travel plans accordingly, keeping in mind that final exams are not controlled by the SOCI department and may be scheduled up to the final day of the exam period. If you need to be absent for any period of time within this period, you are expected to contact the course instructor and SOCI Undergrad office. If you already have plans to be absent at any time during this period, you should describe these plans in the comments box below AND inform your course instructor as soon as you are assigned.

Personal Information:

Term 1 Availability


Term 2 Availability


Have you worked as a Teaching Assistant for Sociology in the past?

If no, please upload your resume, highlighting your experiences in Sociology (e.g. courses, teaching experiences, etc...) *A transcript may be requested to demonstrate Sociology background*

For non-sociology students: List 2 Academic References (name and email)


All TAs are required to attend information and orientation sessions set up by the union and this department. Teaching assistants help instructors with overall course delivery and evaluation. Duties can include marking assignments and exams, assisting in discussion or tutorial sessions, and invigilating final exams.